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15 Best Heritage Hotels In Rajasthan

First Published on : 10 June'19 | Aastha Negi

Most perfectly showcasing the grandeur as well as the fascination that is present in India, Rajasthan is stunningly beautiful. The state has been hailing from abundant centuries and it is still now managing to maintain its magnificence and the vibrant charm inculcated by each of its aspects! Showcasing the lifestyle of the erstwhile rulers stands the gigantic heritage hotels dotting this princely state and making it one of the most favoured destinations all across the world. While being present in Rajasthan or even while planning your visit to this beauteous spot, you shall never think on the accommodation, since the pickup in this case should always be the immortal heritage hotels!

Just in case, you are looking out for some of the best heritage hotels present in the Land of Warriors, then your search for the same truly ends here! I have brought up a list of the 15 best heritage hotels in Rajasthan. Have a glance:

1. Samode Palace, Jaipur

Illustrating the regal Indo-Saracenic architecture hailing from the bygone era, the Samode Palace is considered as the most recognized splendid fusion of Mughal as well as Indian styles. The uneven walls of the palace have always entailed the intricate stories of the murals. This is no less than magic! Whether you are in its courtyard or the vibrant lounges, blissful flowers are going to follow you everywhere scenting the places you are present in.

2. Mihir Garh Palace, Jodhpur

An apt representation of serenity, the exclusive Mihir Garh Palace is located at a distance of 6 km from Mehrangarh Fort. Whether it is a bar, restaurant or a barbeque, the palace has it all! If you are looking forward to unwind with the much needed peace of mind, nothing can be best than this. There are eight well-furnished individual suites showcasing a traditional dress up along with a plunge-pool and a hot tub in some of them.

3. Balsamand Lake Palace, Jodhpur

Built up with red sandstone, the Balsamand Lake Palace tucked in Jodhpur illustrates the typical ornate Rajput architectural style. It is entailed that the palace acted as a residence for the Maharajas of Jodhpur during summertime. It lies in the vicinity of pristine Bal Samand Lake, thus this name! Every Garden styled room has been preferably designed as per the comfort of every traveller accompanied with the beautiful Rose Gardens, Croquet Lawn & a restaurant.

4. Neemrana Fort Palace, Alwar

Tucked in Alwar, the Neemrana Fort Palace has always played a role of a perfect weekend getaway, especially for the Delhiites. It has ensured to take the travellers back to the medieval era with the help of its beautifully preserved authenticity. For experiencing a regal vacation in Rajasthan, the Neemrana Fort Palace serves as the best accommodation. Experience the engaging camel ride, vintage car ride, zipping and get set to experience a fun filled time.

5. Alsisar Haveli, Jaipur

The Alsisar Haveli is situated approximately 10 kms away from the majorly known Amber Fort and it is undoubtedly a great accommodation especially for the roamers who are striving to get an old style atmosphere. Consisting of epic reading hall and exotic gardens, it is commendable. While being here, you can expect lavish hospitality, princely ambiance & regal architecture. The cenotaphs and also the scrumptious Rajasthani meals have already stolen every person’s attention.

6. Jai Mahal Palace, Jaipur

With its mighty walls and other constituents demonstrating the awe-inspiring Indo-Saracenic architecture, the magnificent property of Jai Mahal Palace has everything that a traveller would have always wished for in his/her accommodation. Tucked in the middle of Mughal styled garden, it has been a home to the three Prime Ministers of the Royal Jaipur. The on-site spa, enduring landscapes, scenic views and delectable cuisines; each and every aspect here is accompanied with a positive aura.

7. Deogarh Mahal, Rajsamand

The commendable Deogarh Mahal was once a home to the royal Deogarh family in Rajasthan. After a while, the property was then converted into a heritage hotel providing the most perfect hospitality services to the varied travellers present in Rajasthan. While being here, you are going to experience the finest luxurious services having the utmost perfection. Enjoy the Jacuzzi, refreshing Ayurveda massage and rejuvenate your senses at Deogarh Mahal.

8. Fort Seengh Sagar, Deogarh

The magical Fort Seengh Sagar is a stunning property that has been transformed from a common fort into a heritage villa by the Deogarh family. It is bounded by the dramatic rocky landscape from all sides and stands in the middle of a lake. This heritage property is in close proximity with Manpura’s deserted village and while being there, you can have an access to the engaging activity of bird watching and rural walking.

9. Royal Heritage Haveli, Jaipur

For witnessing the utmost opulence and a distinctive charm, one must definitely head towards the Royal Heritage Haveli. This property has been extended across 100,000 acres of hugely extended land and thus, here you are going to have the sightings of serenity packed courtyards as well as the plush interiors. The Royal Heritage Haveli is a highly perfect agglomeration of Indian hospitality and luxury perfectly maintained to take out the best from your vacations in Rajasthan.

10. Raas Devigarh, Delwara

The best place for enjoying a pampering holiday, Raas Devigarh was a home to the Delwara rulers during the past days of the 18th century. It is named amongst the best heritage hotels in Rajasthan. This property was established during 18th century and is incorporated with a business centre, spa & retreating outdoor pool. Its suites are quite spacious. Also, the visitors have always been left awestruck by the splendid carved archways and the majestic furnishings.

11. Patan Mahal, Patan

Nestled in the middle of a valley comprising of the three mighty hills, the Patan Mahal is no less than a heartthrob! Wake up to an engaging view of the Badal Mahal and listen to the birdsong early morning while being here. Tucked at Patan city’s end, you are going to fall in love with the antiquely furnished rooms of the Patan Mahal. You can try out your hands in some amazing recreational activities such as swimming and table tennis.

12. Shiv Niwas Palace, Udaipur

The Shiv Niwas Palace has always been considered as one of the most recognized heritage hotels in Rajasthan. Due to its eminence and ravishing aura, it played the role of a host to Queen Elizabeth II and has also been featured in James Bond’s Octopussy. This property is located on the banks of Lake Pichola and thus, you are free to feel the refreshing serenity that arises from this pure water body.

13. The Jaipur House, Mount Abu

If you are not fond of gigantic accommodations and instead looking for a small option, then the Jaipur House situated in Mount Abu is surely the best option for you. Engage in the magnificent fusion of Indian and Mughal architecture showcased in the finest manner here! Constructed in 1897, the Jaipur House is literally going to leave you awestruck with the commendable views of the Nakki Lake right from the balcony. Engross in the taste by its in-house restaurant!

14. Arya Niwas, Jaipur

A highly renovated Heritage Haveli constituting the peace filled and exotic gardens, courtyards; the Arya Niwas is a place with the most soothing atmosphere you can ever attain! This 100 plus year old property is the most –suited accommodation for every kind of traveller whether an Indian, foreigner, family, couple or an individual! Its old central hall captures the main limelight with its naturally coloured beauteous frescoes. Just keep in mind that the eateries here would be pure vegetarian with no bars/discotheques.

15. Ramathra Fort, Karauli

The Ramathra Fort is 350 years old and no one can even believe the same on seeing the kind of maintenance it has attained since then! Keeping good with the present scenario, this property goes well with the needs and preferences of each and every visitor here. While staying here, you should definitely know that you are not so far from the exquisite wilderness area Kailadevi National park that is spotted 15 kms away from this property.

Rajasthan has got innumerable heritage hotels with some of them being the luxury ones and the others being the budgetary ones! What to choose out of them depends entirely on your preferences. The sole thing that I am going to ensure when you are spending your days in Rajasthan is that, you will surely enjoy each and every bit in this colourful state! Happy vacationing!

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