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About Bijaipur Tourism

Bijaipur village stretching out from the foot of the Vindhyanchal hills is a small place which got its popularity due to its Castle. Surrounded by forests of Jacaranda the village has a typical rural set up with agricultural lands, buffalo carts, small huts and countrymen can be seen various groups. It has its own historical relevance from ancient as the village has been ruled by several dynasties in past. Bijaipur does not have much tourist sites but the isolated picturesque village has a charming atmosphere and is a great place for tourists to experience the rural India.

Sightseeing Places in Bijaipur, Rajasthan

Castle Bijaipur
The main and most prominent attraction in Bijaipur is – Castle Bijaipur. Located in the Vindhyanchal hills at 600m above sea level it is a wonderful retreat that provides tranquility and peace. The historical 16th century castle has opened its doors for visitors of Bijaipur as a great heritage hotel in 1991. The ruling family members still reside in the castle and share their traditional experience with guests. This castle is an ultimate place where history, nature and hospitality blend perfectly. The interiors of the castle are capturing and decorated with antiques and traditional artifacts. Castle Bijaipur is an experience that offers pleasant surprises to its visitors.

Tourist Attractions around Bijaipur
Bijaipur serves as a base for several tourist attractions which can be visited. The 1000 year old Pangarh Fort located on the western bank of the Lotus Lake. Places such as Chittorgarh, Menal and Bassi are also great excursion points where tourists visit and have a glimpse of great historical edifice.

How to reach Bijaipur

PlaneBy Air
The nearest airport to Bijaipur is Udaipur located at a distance of 160kms. Flights to the major cities of the country such as Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, etc fly to/from Udaipur.

RailBy Rail
Chittorgarh is nearest railhead to Bijaipur, located at a distance of 40kms only. It connects Bijaipur to major destinations of Rajasthan and other parts of the country.

BusBy Bus
Bijaipur is connected by road from most of the places in Rajasthan state such as Chittorgarh, Jodhpur, Ajmer and Jaipur.

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