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Bundi is often described as the undiscovered jewel of Rajasthan. Surrounded on three sides by the rugged, thickly forested Aravalli Hills, this walled town has retained much of its historic character.

The Taragarh Fort crowns the crest of a steep hill overlooking the town, while the Garh Palace spills picturesquely down the hillside. This palace is Bundi's – and Rajasthan's – jewel. Lieutenant Colonel James Tod, the British Political Agent and author of the authoritative Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan, wrote that "the coup d'oeil of the castellated palace of Boondi, from whichever side you approach it, is the most striking in India."

The state of Bundi was founded in 1341 by Rao Deva of the "fire-born" Hada Chauhan Rajput clan, and the massive, square Taragarh Fort dates to his reign. Work on the palace began in the 16th century, and it was added to by successive rulers over the next 200 years, at different levels on the hillside. Unlike most other palaces in Rajasthan, there is very little Mughal influence in its architecture. The Garh Palace represents a rare example of the pure Rajput style, with curved roofs topping pavilions and kiosks, a profusion of temple columns and ornamental brackets, and typically Rajput motifs such as elephants and lotus flowers. Unusually, the palace is not built of the sandstone favored by most other Rajput Kingdoms, but of a hard, green-tinged serpentine stone, quarried locally. This stone, unlike sandstone, does not lend itself to fine carving. Instead, Garh Palace was embellished by superb paintings.

Sightseeing Places in Bundi, Rajasthan

Naval Sagar Lake
In the middle of the town is the Naval Sagar Lake, with a little temple on an island in its centre. The fort and palace reflected in the lake make a pretty sight.

Bundi has over 50 step wells, of which the most beautiful is the 46 m deep Rani-ki-Baori, also in the centre of town. Built in the 17th century, it is strikingly similar to Adalaj Vav in Gujarat, with richly decorated archways and sculptures of Vishnu's ten avatars.

How to reach Bundi

PlaneBy Air
You can take a flight to Jaipur which is the nearest domestic airport at a distance of about 215 km and is connected to the metro cities of Mumbai and Delhi.

RailBy Rail
You can also take a train to Kota, which is the nearest railway station, at a distance of 35 km and is well connected to other major cities.

BusBy Bus
You could opt for either a state owned or a deluxe tourist buses which are easily available from Kota, Jaipur, and other major cities.

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