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The charming little town of Deogarh, 55 km north of Kumbhalgarh, set among lakes and hills, has the 17th century Rajmahal Palace with exquisite wall murals and the Anjaneshwar Mahadev Temple in a cave in the hillside. Deogarh is also a popular base for horse safaris which explore this picturesque part of Mewar.

Sightseeing Places in Deogarh, Rajasthan

Chittorgarh Fort
Deep in the Aravalli Hills, the town of Deogarh is entirely subjugated by a sprawling yellow-white fairy tale grand fortress, the Deogarh Mahal. The recently converted hotel is still possessed and run by the previous presiding royal family and has attractive lodgings that have striking decorative frescoes and other works of art, and many galleries with massive engraved columns.

Dashavatar Temple
The well recognized fine Vishnu temple, belonging to the Gupta age is the first identified Panchayatan temple of north India. The shrine is preceded by an entrance well engraved with Ganga -Yamuna visages. Powerful Vaishnava mythical sights are engraved in considerable high prominence in three distinguished big rathika sections set in the high side ramparts. The temple is renowned for being the primary north Indian temple with a shikhara or tip of which only the subordinate part exists nowadays.

Manastambha, housing about 31 Jain temples, belonging to the post-Gupta age, was constructed in the seventeenth century. The sections accurately depict sights from powerful Jain legends. Clean-cut Tirthankara imagery, a Manastambha, Ayagpatta, Sarvato Bhadra Pratim, etc. are other irresistible magnets of this temple.

Chanderi is a seemingly little town well-known for its Chanderi saris and some of the premium characteristic instances of large classical Bundela Rajput and Malwa Sultanate buildings. Amongst the considerably significant and excellent tourist attractions here are a lovely Mughal fort, the Koshak Mahal, privately custom-built by Mahmud Khilji in 1445, the Badal Mahal Gate - the famous conquest arch, Jama Masjid, etc.

How to reach Deogarh

PlaneBy Air
The closest airports are Udaipur and Jodhpur

RailBy Rail
Well linked with the towns like Kota, Neemach, Chittorgarh and Delhi by rail.

BusBy Bus
Flat roads which are well looked after link the city with a high number of other considerably significant towns of Rajasthan and its adjacent provinces.

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