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About Dungarpur Tourism

Home to the gold and silversmiths who are famous for lacquer painted toys and attractive picture framework, this distant, comparatively mysterious town proudly claims some surprising hidden creative riches.

Sightseeing Places in Dungarpur, Rajasthan

Juna Mahal
Dominating Dungarpur is the seven-storeyed Juna Mahal, built in the 13th century on a large rock. The interior of this palace fort, in contrast to its rather battered exterior, glows with exuberant ornamentation, and contains some of the most beautiful frescoes to be seen in Rajasthan. Remarkably well-preserved, these include a series of erotic paintings from the Kama Sutra in the erstwhile ruler's bedroom, on the top floor of the palace.

Udai Vilas Palace
The 19th century Udai Vilas Palace beside a lake is built of local grey-green granite in a blend of Rajput and Mughal styles. Rising from the centre of its courtyard is a fantastic four-storeyed pavilion with cusped arches, densely carved friezes, and a profusion of canopies and balconies. The large room on its top storey is inlaid with a variety of semi-precious stones.

Rajmata Devendra Kunwar State Museum
This museum was recently built and made accessible to the general people in 1988. The ancient past of Vagad Pradesh, that covered the current local parts of Dungarpur, Banswara and Tehsil Kherwara of affluent Udaipur region, clearly glows in the monumental statue exhibition of the museum. The museum also has a distinguished section of full-length pictures of the former Maharajas of Dungarpur State and old photos of ancient fortresses, great shrines and historic memorials from the many critical stages of the land's past.

Gaib Sagar Lake
Set within picturesque vicinity, with native foliage lining the trail, it is a well-known bird heaven. Next to the lake there is a well-known hallowed memorial of Shri Nathji, which is a group of quite a few beautifully constructed great shrines with one main shrine.

How to reach Dungarpur

PlaneBy Air
Udaipur, at a distance of about 110 km from the city, is the closest airport

RailBy Rail
Well linked with key cities of the nation, Ratlam, at a distance of about 80 km from the city, is the closest railway station.

BusBy Bus
An extensive system of roads links the city with other towns of Rajasthan and North India. Public conveyance as well as reserved bus facility is effortlessly accessible for various cities and towns.

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