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Once a part of the Chauhan domain of Rajasthan and used as a sunny season recourse for the male Rajput monarchs of the area, rented by the British management from the then Maharaja of Sirohi for use as the headquarter of Rajputana, Mount Abu has a past as different as the city itself. Considered to be the only hill station in North West India, Mount Abu, located at an altitude of 1,219 meters above sea level, is a haven in the arid land of Rajasthan. Located in the middle of lush blooming wooded hillocks, on the loftiest peak in the Aravali range, the legendary tourist savoir faire is appreciated for its Dilwara Jain temples and characteristic attractiveness world over. Home to lakes, cascades and bosky backwoods, it is also the summer crown for Rajasthan. The credit for the hill hideaway's very cool and calm weather goes to its rich vegetation, composed of cone-bearing trees and flourishing bushes, that wraps the complete hillside. Mount Abu offers an excellent sojourn getaway and honeymoon destination with its first-rate tourist amenities with an array of accommodation options from budget to three star to heritage class. Every year more than three million national and international tourists visit Mount Abu.

Sightseeing Places in Mount Abu, Rajasthan

Gaumukh Temple
Regarded by Hindus as one of the most sacred places of worship, the Gaumukh Temple is a symbol of their pride. A visit to this place at least once in their life is many Hindu devotees' aspiration. Hence, a visit to the Gaumukh Temple is a must if you go to Mount Abu. The name of the place Gaumukh has been derived from a stone carving in the topmost part of the temple, which depicts a cow's (gau) mouth (mukh) releasing a torrential flow of water to a tank. You can enjoy walking excursions and picnics at the Temple and its surrounds. The Gaumukh Temple is also popular for religious pilgrimages and meditation.

Dilwara Jain Temples
Considered by some experts to be architecturally superior to the Taj Mahal, Dilwara Jain Temples, located about 2.5 kms from Mount Abu, are one of the finest Jain temples, known world over for their extraordinary architecture and marvelous marble stone carvings. An opulent entranceway leads to the temple interior which showcases the extraordinary work of human craftsmanship at its best. The phenomenal and unmatched minute ornamental details of marble stone carved ceilings and pillars leave one amazed. The architecture of this sacred pilgrimage of the Jains reflects their values of honesty and frugality. These 5 legendary marble temples, surrounded by beautiful lush green hills, were built between 11th to 13th century AD by Chalukya, when no transport or roads were available and hence huge blocks of marble stones had to be transported on elephant backs.

Adhar Devi Temple
The huge altar of Adhar Devi Temple in Mount Abu is an affirmation of the rich architectonical background of Rajasthan. Located in a cave three kilometers north of the principal community, the Adhar Devi Temple, devoted to Durga who is beheld as the core origin of ability, spirit and vigor, is one of the well-known spiritual themed tourist destinations in the area. The temple is arrived at by mounting up 365 steps cut into the mountain and then clambering in a little gap in the cave.

Nakki Lake
At the core of Mount Abu, with the town making an amphitheatre on the circumference of the enchanting lake, studded with small islands, Nakki Lake is a legendary lake with a very absorbing narrative behind its conception. The reason behind the nomenclature of this beaming gem of the Abu hills, can be found in the fable that says that this lake was dug by Gods (Devtas) using their nails (nakh). The only Indian artificial lake located at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level, the Nakki Lake is reckoned as a holy lake and honored by few divisions of the neighboring folks.

Sunset Point
In the latter part of the day, in the midst of a festive ambiance, several people abound this area found in South West of Nakki Lake that offers a beautiful view of the sun going down. The scenic hills, quiet environ, and the charming weather make it a preferred spot among the tourists. You could pick up curios, engraved marble busts, sandalwood sculptures, wooden toys and other ornaments from the various keepsake retailers crowding the area or try the local cuisine from the many food stalls.

Shri Raghunathji Temple
Devoted to Lord Vishnu, who personified as Raghunathji to save his believers from the several disasters of life, Shri Raghunathji Temple, found near Nakki Lake, is worthy of a particular referral. The idol of Shri Raghunathji held in the temple is very appealing. The temple, considered to have been built way back in 14th century, enjoys a position of being part of the rich background of the hundred year old Mewar aestheticism. One of the most divine locations in the world for the Vaishnavites, it is also one of the most visited temples in Mount Abu.

Museum and Art Gallery
The Museum and Art Gallery of the hill station housed in a building called Raj Bhawan, is a must visit for those who love to dig into the past and investigate the background of an area. You can see delicate effigies of Devdasis and the Nartakis here, which are a part of a rich aggregation of rare ancient excavations belonging to 18th century, Jain bronze carvings, handiworks, furniture, old designs, art, ancestral huts, decorations and arms.

How to reach Mount Abu

By Air
The closest airport is Udaipur at a distance of 185 km from Mount Abu. However, Ahmadabad at a distance of 221 km has a finer connectivity and everyday flights to other sectors of the country. From both Ahmadabad and Udaipur you can book a Taxi beforehand.

By Rail
Abu Road is the closest railway station just 28 KM from the main city, which is very well linked by rail routes to New Delhi, Ahmadabad, Jaipur, and Mumbai. From Abu Road you can opt for government transport aid or taxis on both sharing and private basis.

By Bus
Mount Abu is well linked by road with major metros of the country; with the closest national freeway no. 14 at a distance of just 24 km from the city.

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