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Osian is situated 65kms from Jodhpur and was the former capital of Marwar. This ancient city is known for a number of Brahmanical and Jain temples that date back to the 8th and 12th centuries. Most of these temples face the west and are perfect examples of architectural excellence. The Sun Temple is the most venerated and the oldest of the temples. Moreover, there is a Mahavir Temple and three temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu that are must visit. Osian bears a number of titles such as "Oasis of Thar Desert" and "Khajuraho of Rajasthan".

Sightseeing Places in Osian, Rajasthan

Mahavir Temple
Mahavir Temple is a beautiful Jain temple built in 783 AD by Pratihara King Vatsa. Dedicated to Lord Mahavira it is an important pilgrimage of the Jains. The main shrine in the temple is seated on a high platform and made up of sandstone. Temple is a great piece of architecture with stunning carved pillars that adorn the main porch. The entrance through the main door of the temple displays an impression of young maidens on it and on another porch one can see a little stylish construction. Many devotees and tourists visit Mahavir Temple annually

Sachiya Mata Temple
Sachiya Mata Temple originally built in the 8th century, however today's temple dates back to 12th century. This temple dedicated to Sachi Mata or also known as Indrani who was wife of Lord Indra (The Rain God). Built in many phases, the temple comprises of two more shrines dedicated to Chandi Devi and Amba Mata respectively. The wonderful sculpted series of arches entrance lead the devotees and guests to the interior of the temple. Decorated with charming images and sculptures of Hindu deities, the temple also has sculpture of Lord Varaha (Incarnation of Lord Vishnu as boar) on the north and an image of Lord Vishnu – Lakshmi on the east. Sachiya Mata Temple is an artistic example of medieval architecture.

Surya Temple
Surya Temple dates back to 10th century and as its name suggests, it is dedicated to Lord Sun or Surya. The temple has resemblance to the Sun Temple in Ranakpur. In the sanctum of the temple complex the stunning idol of Lord Surya or the Sun God is placed. Idols of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Durga are also placed in the temple. Marvelous images of the serpents coiled around the lotus flower can be seen on the ceilings of the temple. There was a Surya temple built in the 8th century as well, which was later merged with the Sachiya Mata Temple.

Vishnu Temple
Vishnu Temple constructed in 9th century is a worth seeing shrine in Osiyan, though this architectural beauty is now showing the signs of wearing down with the passage of time. The artistically carved columned mandap is one of the most striking features of the temple. Just near to the temple is a Baori (Step Well) and a Ganesh Pillar which are also visited by several tourists. The balconies of the Vishnu Temple have been craftily decorated with figures of Hindu deities.

How to reach Osian

By Air
Osian's closest airport is Jodhpur located just 65 kms from here. One can hire taxi from the airport to reach Osian within an hour.

By Rail
The nearest railhead to Osian is also Jodhpur, trains connecting many major metro cities of the country pass from here.

By Bus
Roads from various cities of Rajasthan connect Osian by a good network of roads. The distance from some of the major cities are Jodhpur 65 kms, Bikaner 210 kms, Jaisalmer 237 kms and Khimsar 60 kms.

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