Cities of Rajasthan

The beautiful cities of Rajasthan showcase the glory of the bygone era. These fascinating cities of Rajasthan have kept alive the rich culture, art, heritage and history of the princely state of Rajasthan. Our Rajasthan tours to these amazing cities of Rajasthan brings you closer to the regal magic of the state as we offers sightseeing tours to Rajasthan cities packed with history, culture, exquisite palaces, forts, temples, wildlife and much more. Travel to Rajasthan tour packages and explore its imperial grandeur. The pink city of Jaipur, romantic city of Udaipur with its beautiful Lake Pichola, deserted town of Jaisalmer with grand fort and Sam sand dunes, the blue city of Jodhpur reminding of the grandeur of Rajasthan heritage in its palaces and forts, tiny village of Pushkar known for world famous Pushkar fair (largest cattle fair in the world), camel breeding farm at Bikaner, exquisite Jain temples of Ranakpur, tiger watching activities at Ranthambore National Park, beautiful eco friendly village of Bishnoi tribes, open art gallery of Mandawa in Shekhawati region and there are countless tourist attractions in Rajasthan to fascinate the visitor. Rajasthan Trip brings you a list of some most important and few lesser known destinations of Rajasthan with useful travel information to plan your visit to these cities of Rajasthan. To experience the joy of visiting these beautiful destinations get onboard to one of our Rajasthan Travel package or ask our travel experts to design a tailor made Rajasthan tour itinerary for you.

Alwar Tour
The former princely state of Alwar is now a dusty, provincial town, visited by few tourists except those on their way to the Sariska National Park. Nevertheless it has some remarkable monuments, built by its wealthy rulers in the 18th century that are worth seeingr.

Ajmer S
Visited by large chunks of devotees and also those on a pursuit of happiness, Ajmer, is known as the holy city of Rajasthan, because it is home to infinite holy shrines of various faiths, including the Khwaja-Ud-Din's sacred shrine. Once ruled by Prithviraj Chauhan.

Bassi Places
A tiny village located just 25kms from Chittorgarh, Bassi is a famous tourist place in Rajasthan. Known for its sculptures and woodcraft it lies on the way to Bundi. There are some beautiful historical forts and temples in Bassi which attracts tourist from all over to visit here.

Bharatpur Rajasthan
The former princely state of Alwar is now a dusty, provincial town, visited by few tourists except those on their way to the Sariska National Park. Nevertheless it has some remarkable monuments, built by its wealthy rulers in the 18th century that are worth seeingr.

Bikaner Rajasthan
Along with Jodhpur and Jaisalmer, Bikaner was one of the three great desert Kingdoms of Rajasthan and, like them, prospered because of its strategic location on the overland caravan trade route to Central Asia and China.

Bijaipur Rajasthan
Bijaipur village stretching out from the foot of the Vindhyanchal hills is a small place which got its popularity due to its Castle. Surrounded by forests of Jacaranda the village has a typical rural set up with agricultural lands, buffalo carts, small huts and countrymen can be seen various groups.

Chittorgarh Rajasthan
At the heart of Rajasthan, exists Chittorgarh, the land of brave men and determined women, where the regal women used to jump into fire at the news of failure at war to save themselves from the hand of the arch opponents.

Deogarh Rajasthan
The charming little town of Deogarh, 55 km north of Kumbhalgarh, set among lakes and hills, has the 17th century Rajmahal Palace with exquisite wall murals and the Anjaneshwar Mahadev Temple in a cave in the hillside. Deogarh is also a popular base for horse safaris..

Deshnok Rajasthan
Deshnok is a small village in the Bikaner district of Rajasthan. Famous as a pilgrimage place it is known for housing the very unique Hindu temple "Karni Mata Temple" or the Rat Temple where rats are considered to be sacred.

Dungarpur Rajasthan
Home to the gold and silversmiths who are famous for lacquer painted toys and attractive picture framework, this distant, comparatively mysterious town proudly claims some surprising hidden creative riches.

Jaipur Rajasthan
A labyrinth of fascinating bazaars, opulent palaces and historic sites, Jaipur is often called the "Pink City" because its prominent buildings are washed in this color. Tradition and modernity exist side by side here. On its colorful streets, motorbikes jostle for space with camels.

Jaisalmer Rajasthan
Today a remote outpost in the Thar Desert, Jaisalmer was founded in the 12th century by Maharawal Jaisal of the Bhatti Rajput clan. It was once a flourishing trade centre, strategically located on the busy caravan trade route to Afghanistan and Central Asia.

Jodhpur Tour
Set in the au naturel landscape of the Thar Desert, Jodhpur, "The Sun City" was founded by its namesake Rao Jodha, a chief of the Rathore clan, in 1459. Earlier known as Marwar, it is the second largest city in Rajasthan. A 10 km long wall encloses the old city

Jhalawar Places
This delightful little town, surrounded by orange groves and poppy fields, is dominated by a 19th century fort, the seat of the erstwhile princes of Jhalawar. It now houses government offices. An incongruous yet charming part of the fort is the Bhavani Natya Shala Theatre

Karauli Places
The small rural town of Karauli shares its borders with Madhya Pradesh, Dausa, Dhaulapur and Sawai Madhopur. With considerably plentiful environmental wealth and breathtaking picturesque splendor, Karauli has turned into a popular hot destination with tourists calling...

Khejarla Places
A sleepy small village in the state of Rajasthan – Khejarla is not one of the tourist villages where abundant tourists visit. However that's what makes it an ideal place with peace and serenity for those who wish to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

Khimsar Places
This thikana, or fiefdom, paid allegiance to the kingdom of Marwar, though tales are told of how it tried to establish itself separately. There is also a rumor that Aurangzeb once visited this village as a guest of the thakur, but there seems to be little validity in the claim..

Kota Places
Kota's broad avenues, leafy roads and its status as a divisional headquarter of the Indian Army hide its ancient beginnings. But Kota is as much a child of fractious history as its fellow Rajput kingdoms, born of blood, gore and diplomacy....

Kumbhalgarh Places
Like a gigantic brown snake, the great ramparts of Kumbhalgarh Fort wind along the rugged contours of the Aravalli Hills for 36 km. This massive 15th century fort, strategically located at a height of 1,050 m along the border between Marwar and Mewar, was known as "The Eye of Mewar"

Kuchaman Places
Kuchaman City located in the Nagaur district in the Indian state of Rajasthan is a popular tourist destination. Famous for its few havelis and the magnificent Kuchaman Fort tourists visit here to explore these splendid structures. This historical city is worth visiting as it..

Luni S
En route to Pali, 30 km south of Jodhpur, along the banks of the River Luni, is the hamlet of Chanwa. Granted as jagir, or a principality, in the late 19th century to Kaviraj Muraridanji, who built Fort Chanwa, the land reverted back to Jodhpur, only to be subsequently granted as a jagir to Dalip Singhji

Mandawa S
Mandawa, part of the Shekhawati region, came into being in 1756, when Nawal Singh built the fort that has now been turned into the hotel called Castle Mandawa. But it became a full-fledged town only after Nawal Singh's two grandsons decided to make it their home at the close of the 18th century.

mandore S
Mandore is 9kms from Jodhpur and was the former capital of Mewar. This tiny town has rocky caves and cenotaphs of the Rathore rulers which are the main attractions here. Sixteen deities are carved out of the rock face that is vividly presented in a place adjacent to a temple within the complex.

Mount Abu S
Once a part of the Chauhan domain of Rajasthan and used as a sunny season recourse for the male Rajput monarchs of the area, rented by the British management from the then Maharaja of Sirohi for use as the headquarter of Rajputana, Mount Abu has a past as different as the city itself.

Nagaur S
A one-street town, a haze on the highway between Jodhpur and Bikaner that has always lived by the cycle of summer sandstorms and brilliant winter sunshine, only just letting in the modern world because no force on earth can keep out Pepsi and Coke ads.

Narlai S
Tucked away between Jodhpur and Udaipur, this is the heart of equestrian Rajasthan, and Narlai village is unlike anything you're likely to find in this most touristy of states. There is foreshadowing of a perfect holiday – beautiful Marwari horses and Rawla Narlai,

Nawalgar S
Nawalgarh is one of the biggest and busiest towns of Shekhawati. Founded in 1737 by Nawal Singh, a son of Shardul Singh, Nawalgarh saw a series of rulers who managed, by dint of their sharp political acumen, to keep the state together as many of their neighbors gradually came apart.

Neemrana S
At the Neemrana Fort-Palace, the service is discreet and friendly, a description that holds true for the rooms as well. Each room, or rather mahal, is tastefully done up with period furniture and antiques, without every going over the top. Neemrana, in fact, is a study in architectural..

Osian S
Osian is situated 65kms from Jodhpur and was the former capital of Marwar. This ancient city is known for a number of Brahmanical and Jain temples that date back to the 8th and 12th centuries. Most of these temples face the west and are perfect examples of architectural excellence.

Pokaran S
Made famous by India's nuclear tests, the small town of Pokaran lies on the highway that links Jodhpur to Jaisalmer. It's 110 km east of Jaisalmer and 117 km north of Jodhpur. While the chief attraction here of Fort Pokaran, with its museum and heritage hotel, there is a lot to be explored ..

Pushkar S1
A peaceful pilgrim town of lakes and 400 temples, Pushkar derives its name from pushpa and kar after a legend that claims its lakes were created from the petals that fell from the divine hands of Brahma the Creator. Today, life revolves around its lakeside ghats, temples and vibrant, colorful bazaars

Ranakpur S
When you see Ranakpur from a distance, it appears as an expanse of greenery, with hills weaving in and out of one another. Far below in the valley, amidst ll this green, stands a gleaming white jewel, radiant in the wilderness. The radiance is the work of the marble-carvers ..

Ranthambhore S
Ranthambhore is magic. The place is full of romance and intrigue – tenth century ruins stand smothered by roots, herons share lakes with holy men and a million myths about Raja Hamir and the glory days of the 'impregnable' fort. The fort's fall, along with that of the one at Chittorgarh

Rohet S
The jagir of Rohet came into being in the 17th century, and what was then the fort of Rohet is now a heritage property. Part of it, however, is still home to the family of Rohet, a fief of the kingdom of Jodhpur. Set right next to a beautiful lotus-filled pond, and replete with bougainvillea bushes

Skhawati S
This region, named after its 15th century ruler Rao Shekha, has a number of fascinating small towns with well-preserved painted havelis, forts and temples. Among the most interesting are Lachhmangarh and Fatehpur with their grand havelis, and Dundlod, with its well-restored fort.

Samode S
Samode has come to mean many favorite destinations since it offers many invaluable experiences. A former regal princedom situated precisely 40 km from the important city of Jaipur; you come across Samode in the midst of the knolls of the big and enormous span of the Aravallis.

Sariska S
Sariska located in Alwar district, was the private hunting ground of the princely state of Alwar. Sariska was designated a Tiger Reserve under Project Tiger in 1979. Deep valleys and the thick forest cover here serve as home to numerous species of birds and animals.

Tonk S
This 17th century quiet little town, 113 km north of Bundi and lying en route to Ranthambhore, was once the capital of the only Muslim princely state in Rajasthan. You will find a colorful medley of mansions and colonial buildings here. Lying just south of the big Banas River.

Udaipur S
This delightful little town, surrounded by orange groves and poppy fields, is dominated by a 19th century fort, the seat of the erstwhile princes of Jhalawar. It now houses government offices. An incongruous yet charming part of the fort is the Bhavani Natya Shala Theatre