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Culture of Rajasthan

Culture of Rajasthan

Like a true Indian state, Rajasthan is vibrant and a colourful state that not only leaves fondest memories but is also infectious. The culture of this desert state is well known for its ethnicity and vividness throughout the world attracting huge number of visitors to experience it. The enormous traditions and customs of Rajasthan that are passed on from one generation to other continue to be carried on with joy and happiness all over the state by everyone.

Fairs & Festivals in Rajasthan creates a sense of colour that covers the entire place adding to its beauty. The preparations for festivals, big or small are always elaborate. Every festival would have religious and mythological, seasonal or historical significance. The end number of fairs that till date continue to be held in Rajasthan showcases the "real Rajasthan". Different fairs are associated with different reasons such as fairs with religious importance or associated with changing seasons to welcome monsoons or spring or something else, reason may be any each fair is celebrated in joyous spirit. Here are some of the popular fairs and festivals of Rajasthan – Makar Sankranti during which the annual Kite flying festival takes place, Cattle Fair which is an integral part of this state during which trading of animals takes place and it is one of the main attractions for tourists, Teej is a celebration that starts in the monsoon month to welcome the first drops of rain that will bring green to the landscape, and the other tourist festivals are Jaisalmer Desert Festival, Elephant Festival, Mewar Festival and Pushkar Fair are most renowned ones.

Folk Dance & Music of Rajasthan are graceful and energetic forms, which reflect vigour and dynamism. The expressions, spontaneity, exotic & bright coloured attires are all part of Rajasthani styles of dances. Some of the popular dance form performed here are Ghoomar, Terah Tali, Kalbelia, Chakri, Charkula, Lathmar Holi, Wallar, Kacchi Ghodi and Ger, these are the dances that a traveller is likely to witness while travelling in Rajasthan. One might get lucky to see a dance in its traditional settings and have a wonderful experience. And the Rajasthani folk music which is as mellifluous as the wind whispering to the sand dunes, and as ethereal as the translucent, star-lit desert sky. In Rajasthan music is a way of life in more ways than one. It is not just an art form that exists for entertainment or as an expression of creativity it is also a source of livelihood. The musicians create a soulful melody with its various instruments such as sarangi, kamaycha, surnai, jijmani, dholak, harmonium, matkas, etc. There are various cultural shows held in Rajasthan that can be experienced during one's travel.
Art & Craft of Rajasthan are well preserved from its history, each region has its own unique craft and every little town or village is like a treasure trove that tourists are privileged to discover, be it in a modern shopping centre in a big town or in a traditional bazaar in a small village. Some of the items that should figure in every tourists shopping list from Rajasthan are Traditional paintings, portraits, Rajasthani jootis, Ceramic tiles, Bangles, leather bags, Poetry in wood, coloured wooden boxes, beautifully carved wooden furniture, antiques, marble & stone carved showpieces and jewellery with precious stones and gems.