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About Rajasthan Tourism

Location : Northern India
Climate : Generally dry, Monsoon during July-August
Language Spoken : Rajasthani, Hindi, English
Hindi & English Population : 56.47 million (2001 census)
Area : 3,42,239 sq kms
District : 33
Literacy : 61.03%
Majour cities : Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Ajmer, Kota, Churu, Bundi, Chittaurgarh, Bharatpur, Pali

Rajasthan Tourism: The melting point of varied religions, Rajasthan welcomes everyone with all its heart.

Some call it as the Land of Maharajas, while others say that it’s the Land of Warriors! Rajasthan is such a state whose admiration can never be fulfilled by just a bundle of words. This is because of the beauty, emotions, culture, authenticity and adventure the region is accompanied with. With its quintessential charm as well as the sites that are full of enthusiasm, you can never say no to the beauteous exploration of this hub! Indulge in the innovative and opulent historical stories that the mighty forts and palaces of Rajasthan have to entail during your presence within their vicinity. Rajasthan has an ability of quenching the travel thirst of the travellers, whether the adventure seekers, newly-wed couples, photographers or the divinity seekers. Rajasthan Tourism has always promised the travellers with the most perfect tour experiences including its exotic wildlife tours, village tours, fairs and festivals tours along with abundant others. The royal grandeurs lying in this most enjoyed tourism option of India are a heart throb and you surely would never ever want to leave Rajasthan once you have stepped in there.


None of the elements in Rajasthan don’t show royalty! It means that this splendid region is luxurious by all means. Whether we talk about the scrumptious rich food of Rajasthan, its delightful attractions or the other highly engrossing activities to do in Rajasthan, the Rajasthan Tourism has always proved itself as a travel craving satisfaction for every kind of tourist. Some of the most amazing activities which you must surely experience while being present in Rajasthan include the antique Desert Safari, adventurous Jeep Safari, exquisite Camel Safari, camping, bird watching, the princely Horse Safari and serenity filled boat ride at Lake Pichola and other pristine lakes of Rajasthan. Apart from that, the tourists can also spend their time while strolling amidst the colourful markets of Rajasthan exhibiting the handicrafts, jewelleries, bags, traditional dresses, multi-coloured fabrics and other relatable objects there.


The summertime in Rajasthan is considered to be the most unfavourable time to visit this state and thus, heading towards the exploration of Rajasthan is highly preferable during the winter season. During the months from October till March, the travellers are going to witness a very idyllic as well as beautiful weather in the areas of Rajasthan. Also, varied other adventure activities in Rajasthan such as the safari ride, jeep safari, hot air ballooning and other tasks can be undertaken without any hassle during the winter season. During this season, the nights remain quite cool and thus, you are free to be a part of bonfires while listening to the cultural songs of Rajasthan and eating its delectable cuisines.


Situated in the northwest side of India, Rajasthan has been an easy accessible destination by travellers irrespective of the location they are hailing from. Whether they are the domestic tourists or international ones, the destination is well connected with other cities via major means of transportation available. Rajasthan Tourism is eminently maintained by the varied national and international airports, rails, highways as well as state transportation. Here are the most obvious ways to reach Rajasthan:

By Air:

There is an existence of three major airports in Rajasthan and these are the Jaipur International Airport, Udaipur Airport and Jodhpur Airport. Apart from that, some of the small airports are Nal Airport, Kota Airport and the Jaisalmer Airport. The domestic and international flights operating from these airports are connected to majority of the cities in India as well as abroad.

By Road:

Majority of the Indian cities are well connected with Rajasthan via roads. The travellers can have an access to this destination through buses, auto-rickshaws and tourist taxis. Rajasthan’s National Highway has been stretched across 5655 km and apart from that, a four lane road bridges up the gap between Agra and Jaipur.

By Rail:

There are a good number of express trains connecting Rajasthan with other cities in India having a railway track of approximately 4600 km. The daily superfast trains also connect varied cities such as Mumbai, Jaipur, Udaipur and Bikaner too. The North-West Railways are headquartered in Jaipur.


The prevalent travellers in Rajasthan are surely going to experience no kind of hassle while commuting within this destination. It is because of a satisfactory existence of local transport’s facilities for travelling from one city to another in Rajasthan. You can board a bus, cycle-rickshaw, taxi or the urban trains for the exploration of this splendid site. The travellers are also going to witness varied locals calling the auto-rickshaws here as tuk-tuk Ferraris or the Indian Helicopters. Also, the sharing jeeps known as the Share 4WDs are applicable in varied areas of Rajasthan for covering the main road routes that too at an affordable cost. Thus, on summing it up, the travellers will be coming across abundant local transports including the auto rickshaws & tempos, buses, cycle-rickshaws, share 4WDs and taxis.


Rajasthan is all about culture and colours! Its massive forts, pristine lakes and the exotic wildlife are not enough and this is because, the vibrant fairs and festivals in Rajasthan are not here in the list. The festivals and other relatable rituals are celebrated with utmost zeal and fervour by the locales and on witnessing such a huge celebration, thousands of tourists from India and abroad flock to Rajasthan with an intention of being its part. In this destination, each day is no less than a festival and thus it experiences a good tourism every year. Some of the most enjoyable and looked for festivals in Rajasthan include the Teej Festival, Rajasthan International Folk Festival, Pushkar Camel Fair, Desert Festival, Nagaur Fair, Summer and Winter Festival, Kite Festival, Mewar Festival, Brij Holi, Kota Adventure Festival, Elephant Festival of Jodhpur and hundred others. Participate in the colourful festivals here, communicate with the locals, know more about their culture and feel delighted!


Rajasthan has always been on the first rank in every tourist’s bucket list due to a high amount of beguiling charm as well as the royal retreats that it has always offered. The accommodation facilities present here are not only renowned in India but all across the world. With their vicinity experiencing splendid decoration and the interiors filled up with the antiques as well as the intricate designs on walls entailing stories from the past, they have always been the finest creation. Rajasthan has the facilities of every kind of accommodation ranging from those with one star to the properties ranked as the most luxurious. Apart from that, a large chunk of tourists also prefer to stay in the heritage hotels that have the finest hospitality services with a traditional touch combined with modernity. Experience the lifestyle of the kings while being here since these used to be the residence of the royal families during the yesteryears. Also, those seeking for utmost adventure can try out the camps, jungle resorts and also the hostel stays here.



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