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Sand Dunes in Rajasthan

Sand Dunes in Rajasthan

Sand Dunes, the hills of sand created by wind have a capturing charm and give a real experience of the Desert state – Rajasthan. The sand dunes constantly change their appearance with the movements of wind. Tourists are immensely attracted towards sand dunes and the best place to have a dip in the ocean of sand is – Sam Sand Dunes located just 42kms from Jaisalmer. The picturesque beauty of sand dunes here is amazing as wind unceasingly carves out scenic patterns on the desert sand; the colour changing with the shift of the shadow with passing time ripples on the dunes create an enchanting mirage. The sunsets on the sand dunes are simply divine and magical. The best way to enjoy the sand dunes is by a camel safari trip. It is a completely mesmerising experience for every visitor who comes to Rajasthan's sand dunes.

The Golden Sand Dunes: Set against the blue sky in the Thar Desert, the Sand dunes gives a magical feeling once visitors are in the deserts. Formed as a result of windblown sand marks, they are one of nature's true delights. The Golden sand dunes when forms the mirage are a photographer's delight. The sea of yellow shimmering sand gives the barren land an extraordinary look. Close to the deserts, the village are located where one can see herds of cattle and sheep roaming around carelessly. The undulating crest on a full moon is a pleasure to the eyes. The ripples formed with the swift blowing of the winds and the sand changing colour and shapes even now and then makes it a perfect tourist destination. .

The Sand Dunes Trip: Trips of the Sand dunes can be done on the ship of the desert, the camel. The camel safaris are organised from Jaisalmer which is the closest town from the deserts. The camels known as the lifeline for the desert people, as their major mode of transportation depend on camels only. The adventure trip inside the Thar Desert is the one hard to forget the whole life. Beside the blurry, savage and extreme reflection of the desert lies the adventure of exploring the sandy landscape and passage through remote villages. The same desert experience can be had in the Sam Sand Dunes in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan..

Safari Tips: The Sand Dunes trip is one of the best experiences one can have in India; however there are certain precautions that one needs to take in these destinations. The weather in the desert is extreme so it is better to carry plenty of portable water to avoid dehydration, accompanied with a sun screen, goggles, and a first aid kit. The clothes should be loose to provide your skin breathing space. Due to heavy sweating it is better to wear cotton clothes and airy ones. Wear shoes; avoid exposing your skin as much to save from the sun burn. Visitors are requested to dress modestly since the safari passes in close proximity of villages. The Sola-Topee, the local Rajasthani turban or some kind of head protection is essential too.

Camel Safari in Jaisalmer Belt: The camel safari in the Golden Sand dunes starts from Jaisalmer to Bada Bagh then Baisakhi and Roopsi crossing Ludravra, Damodara, Moolsagar and finally ends at Jaisalmer after visiting Duzasar.