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Craft & Art of Rajasthan

Craft & Art of Rajasthan

Rajasthan, where the tradition is given more value than any other thing. It can be seen immensely coloured with peoples wearing Turban of vivid attire and the women folk bejewelled with chunky silver ornaments, necklace, waist bands, and bracelets all giving it the surname of a haute-culture atmosphere in the country of India. The royal Maharajas and the courts produced the finest musicians, architects, sculptures, artisans and writers. These great skilled men had left behind a legacy of art, craft and antique treasures that are the pride of Rajasthan today.

Famed as the perfect Shopper's destination, here craftsmen still continue to churn out the very best and fabulous range of creation employing the age old traditional skills, which they had perfected with the passing years. From the ravishing tie and die fabric, fine block printed textiles, soft silk to splendid furniture everything is the best. The lacquer & the filigree work, stones cut out very carefully and gems to ornate jewellery, the blue pottery all are enticing to the.....eyes.

The entire state is a treasure of the best Indian handicrafts that today also attracts tourists from all over the world. Visitors can shop for some of the fabulous fabrics, in prints, precious and semi-precious stones, Kundan and Minakari enamelling in gold and silver jewellery, embroidered leather shoes or Juttis. In the craft makings the blue pottery, miniature Paintings, carpets, blankets, beautiful Trinkets are the glamorous wardrobe of the State of Rajasthan.
Jaipur:The jewellers of Jaipur are renowned all over the world. Silver, Gold works of the highest quality, Lac bangles are its special attractions. The Lac Bangles are believed to be worn as a good omen and available in many colours and design. Glass Bangles, Kundan and Minakari jewellery is the speciality of Jaipur city. Kundan, which is the art of setting precious stones in gold are also popular craft here. Jaipur houses a variety of emerald, garnet, ruby, amethyst, topaz and Lapiz lazuli. Jaipur carpets are too making a mark in the Indian Market as well as International.

Ajmer: The leather work of Ajmer and Puskar is popular and the quality is also to be taken note of. The final shape is given by the joint effort of the local men and women. The men do the tanning, cutting, stitching while the women folk do the work of embroidery and ornamentation.

Bikaner:The place of Bikaner has its own peculiarity. Articles are made of camel skin, sheep wool, carpets, woollen items and wood items are popular .Even the Bikaneri bhujiyas (Indian Snack) are quite a favourite among the peoples as a good snacks.

Jaisalmer: The desert city is famous for Mirror works, embroidered articles, woollen pattu shawls and other items of wood, trinkets. Silver jewellery and curious are of better quality and locally produced.

Jodhpur:The city is well known for leather shoes, sandals, water bags, fans, pouches and musical instruments. The Jhuttis come with embroidered uppers.

Sawai Madhopur:Famous for Khas perfumes, Madhopur also is well known for the other objects made of Khas, including fans, pouches, caps and small boxes.

Kota:Home of the famous doria sarees, there are small units where sarees are made in all corners of the city.

Udaipur: A plethora of items like folk toys, colour full tie and dye sarees and clothes, turbans, hand painted fabrics are the best buys of the city of Udaipur.