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Karauli Tourism


About Karauli

The small rural town of Karauli shares its borders with Madhya Pradesh, Dausa, Dhaulapur and Sawai Madhopur. With considerably plentiful environmental wealth and breathtaking picturesque splendour, Karauli has turned into a popular hot destination with tourists calling on Rajasthan. Countless great antiquated shrines, beautiful decorated havelis and imprinted chhatris dot the whole city. The flawless merger of the classical panache of Mughal buildings with cheerful insignia and elaborate carved stone work echo the true old Rajasthani elegance of construction. It was not a separate destination since its existence because, it was once fused with the Sawai Madhopur district, and however it was during the day of 19th July, 1997 when it got a separate identity of its own. It is wholly offbeat destination in Rajasthan, however its resin bangles and the massive structures made up of red sandstones are truly majestic. 


The distance between Delhi and Karauli is around 328 kms and the travel time to cover is around 7 hours.

Places to see in Karauli

Bhanwar Vilas Palace 
Once a residence of the royal Maharaja Ganesh Pal Deo Bhadur who was ruling the regions of Karauli during the 1930s. Bhanwar Vilas Palace was constructed during the year 1938 with a huge display of marvellous designs and the stylish interiors. 

This magnificent building is filled up with an architecture belonging to the colonial style along with the exquisite furniture perfectly furnished in the finest art-de-decor period furniture. Not only the travellers, but also the plants as well as animals live here. Here is a wide variety of exotic, vibrant and colourful flora & fauna along with a pinch of serenity filled up in its environment. For getting the best of historical touch while being connected and engrossed in experiencing the modern amenities in a rather royal style, then the Bhanwar Vilas Palace is the most perfect place for you to stay in. 

City Palace 
This heart stealing setup was built up by Arjun Pal during the 14th century. However, little or nothing of the original can now be seen. What you do see is the structure erected by Raja Gopal Singh in the 18th century. He chose to adopt the Delhi style of architecture – the abundance of red sandstone in Karauli, similar to that used in Delhi, made the rendering easy.

The more embellished additions came in the 19th century. From the terrace atop the palace, you can see the town laid out by the River Bhadrawati below, and the ravines and hills beyond. It was built up during the formation of the Karauli city, however the palace is presently containing some remains since its existence. The construction made use of a good number of stones in different colours such as red, white and off-white. One can also indulge in the picturesque view of the city right up from City Palace’s terrace. 

Kalyanji Temple
Situated in Karauli, the Kalyanji temple has been set up with an intention of paying homage and seeking the blessings of deity Kalyanji. This is counted amongst the most significant pilgrimage sites available in this city. Having an age of approximately 200 years, Maharaja Gopal Singh laid its foundation keeping its magnificent interiors and the outer physical appearance in mind. 

During the tourists’ visit to this temple, the first thing that would attract them at the utmost would be the traditional architecture and the attractive designs done on its walls. Kalyanji’s deity will be spotted in the main hall of this temple. This destination is apt for attaining peace of mind and a sort of relaxation away from the city’s monotonous noises, hustle and bustle. The spiritual seekers are literally going to gather a huge amount of positive vibes from here! 

Chhatri of Raja Gopal Singh
Karauli is a city that has a plethora of wonders to offer and one of them is the Chhatri of Raja Gopal Singh. Exploration of the Gopal Singh Ji ki Chhatri has always been ‘one of a kind experience’ for every traveller who is present here as their senses get lured with a recreational spirit. 

Chhatri of Raja Gopal Singh is not solely meant for the purpose of sightseeing, instead many travellers here can also try out some self-introspection activities intending to get some peace of mind. This place can be best visited during the weekends, when you can freely rejuvenate your senses. The highly interesting layouts, intrinsic designs, magnificent architecture and a standardised execution, everything is so perfect at the Chhatri of Raja Gopal Singh. A visit to this destination is surely going to prove as a highly fulfilling activity for you.

How to Reach Karauli

By Air : The nearest airport is Jaipur, linked with metro towns Delhi and Mumbai, approximately 160 km from the heart of the city.

By Rail : Nearest railhead, Gangapur City, an hour before Sawai Madhopur, is well-connected to Delhi and Mumbai by the Golden Temple Mail and the Paschim Express, and to Kolkata by the Howrah-Jodhpur Express.

By Bus : Karauli is a short way off NH 11, which links Agra to Jaipur.


There are approximately 83,000 people living in Karauli.

Climate And Weather

The temperature during the whole year stands out to be a sunnier one with the temperature here ranging between 35 °C to 23 °C.  The summertime here quite hot and the highest temperature recorded till now has been around 49 °C during the months of May and June. The winters in Karauli are not so cold, the days are pleasant but nights are chilly. The monsoon season experiences an annual average rainfall of around 880mm and it occurs during the months from July till September.

Getting Around Karauli

Karauli isn’t having any kind of local transportation facilities available for the tourists to indulge in the sightseeing tours here. Thus, the travellers would have to travel in their own vehicle or your hotel will be arranging the same for you.

Where to stay in Karauli

There are no accommodation facilities available in Karauli for the travellers except the luxurious heritage property Bhanwar Vilas Palace. Experience the royalty while staying here and feel like never before.