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Khejarla Tourism


About Khejarla

Khejarla is indeed an alluring site. This teeny weeny destination of Rajasthan is a treat for every traveller. This tourist village has a beauty that is least visited and thus, literally makes it the best destination perfect for spending a peaceful time totally away from the busy city life. This tiny village is always going to get you innumerable moments as you spend your vacations with the locals here who are always ready to welcome and greet you with a wide smile on their faces. The warm hospitality services and getting to know more about the traditions of the people residing here are truly a pleasurable experience. Travelling amidst the lanes of Khejarla and being a part of an authentic Indian village, Khejarla has always promised a perfect experience for every visitor. 


Khejarla is approximately 542 kms away from Delhi and the total travel time taken to cover this distance is around 9.5 hours.

Places to see in Khejarla

Fort Khejarla 
Established for Thakur Gopal Das Ji during the days of 1611 AD, Fort Khejarla has always proved to be a very beautiful site attracting many tourists with its natural beauty. The fort was gifted to Thakur Gopal Das Ji for honouring the bravery that he showed during the war held against the Mughals. 

It is quite notable that the fort has been destroyed for three times by the Mughal army, however it was always re-made. With its each and every element showcasing bravery and courage it always takes the visitors back to the bygone era. The fort Khejarla has been named after a tree namely Khejdi that is still present in the village and has been known for acting as a saviour to the fort when it was repeatedly attacked by the Mughals’ troop. A part of the hotel has been reserved for acting as a residence to the royal family while the other part is used by the travellers for staying in.

How to Reach Khejarla

By Air : Nearest airport to Khejarla is Jodhpur which is only 85kms away from here and takes approx. 1 hr. to reach.

By Rail : Jodhpur is also the nearest railway station to visit Khejarla. Trains operating from Jodhpur connect it to main cities of the state and other parts of the country.

By Bus : Khejarla can be reached by road from Jodhpur. Jodhpur has easy accessibility by road from all other major tourist cities of Rajasthan.


There are around 7500 people living in Khejarla.

Climate And Weather

Hot and semi-arid weather conditions are prevalent in Khejarla. The monsoons in Khejarla occur between the months of June to September with the average rainfall of around 450mm. The summertime is experienced from April till June with an average temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, the winter months start right from December till February with moderate days and chilly nights.

Getting Around Khejarla

The travellers will have to travel within or around Khejarla in their own vehicle since there are no local transportation facilities available here.

Where to stay in Khejarla

There are no valid accommodation facilities available in Khejarla except the heritage property that has been rated five stars and is thus, a facilitator of luxurious hospitality services to the tourists.