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Khimsar Tourism


About Khimsar

A very tiny but a beautiful village spotted at the edge of the great Thar Desert. Rajasthan has a lot of beautiful things awaiting your glimpses and one of them is definitely Khimsar. The rural population of this village always welcomes the tourists wholeheartedly however, the beauty of this place is still untouched. One of the unspoilt places in Rajasthan, Khimsar appears to be very beautiful and it appears as a picturesque place with the presence of a water body in its middle. It has always been uttered that Khimsar hailed from an independent background which means that it was once identified as an independent kingdom being organized under the reign of the Thakurs. The existence of this village has been hailing since the establishment of the Khimsar Fort during the 16th century.


The distance between Khimsar and Delhi has been notified at around 487 kms and the travel time to cover the same is around 9.5 hours.

Places to see in Khimsar

Khimsar Fort 
Established by Rao Karamsiji and simultaneously owned by the Karamsot dynasty, the Khimsar Fort has left no chance to dissatisfy any of its visitors with its eternal beauty. During its commencing years in the 16th century, the main focus was given on its maintenance and the architectural representations done through its physical appearance. 
The fort has been named after the city in which it is located and its striking beauty is presently serving as a hospitality services provider to the varied tourists coming here. A part of this fort houses the royal family and the other part has been maintained for acting as an accommodation for the tourists and provide them a luxurious stay. Spread over a highly expanded 11 acres of land, the fort is bounded and also includes the lush green garden in its vicinity despite of the deserted environment it is located in. Welcoming its visitors are the 50 kinds of birds species which undoubtedly fill up the fort with a unique charm.

How to Reach Khimsar

By Air : Nearest Airport, Jodhpur is connected by daily flights to Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur and Udaipur.

By Rail : Nearest station, Nagaur is well-connected to Jaipur by the Jaipur-Bikaner Intercity Express and to Kolkata by the Howrah-Jaipur Express.

By Bus : There are three ways to get here – from Jaipur via Sikar or via Ajmer, or from Jodhpur, as the town is within easy reach of the three Golden Triangle desert cities.


There are around 11,000 people living in Khimsar.

Climate And Weather

Majority of the year, Khimsar experiences an extreme type of climate. This means that this tiny village is quite hot during the summers and way too cool during winters. The best time for exploring this place would be the winter season occurring during the months of November- March.

Getting Around Khimsar

There are no transportation facilities available in Khimsar and thus, one has to travel in his own vehicle while journeying within or around this village. Also, you can get a car from the accommodation you are staying at.

Where to stay in Khimsar

One can’t expect any kind of accommodation facilities in Khimsar and the sole property serving this purpose is the Heritage hotel Khimsar Fort.