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Kota Tourism


About Kota

The ancient beginnings of Kota have always been hidden in its broad avenues as well as the leafy roads, however the diplomacy carried by the Rajput kingdoms that were none other than its fellow mates. It was in 1241 that a classic Rajput, Deva Hara of the fierce Hara clan, came to these parts, wanted what he saw and attempted to conquer. He won and the kingdom of Bundi was established. Kota was under the reign of Bhil tribals which were supervised by Koteya who was their chief during that time. He was defeated by Bundi's Jait Singh in 1264 and a fort's construction was started there. Head of Koteya that was severed was ultimately buried in its foundation as ordered by the decree. And so Kota became a jagir, or land grant, of Bundi, at the dispensation of the heir apparent.


The distance between Kota and Delhi is around 518 km and the travel time taken to cover this distance would be approximately 9.5 hours.

Places to see in Kota

Garh Palace 
The imposing façade of Kota's fortified Garh Palace, which dates back to 1625, stretches along the banks of the Chambal River, recalling the princely past of this now heavily industrialized city. Kota's artistic heritage is well-represented in the palace apartments – every available surface is covered with miniature paintings, mirror work, murals and mosaics.
Particularly resplendent is the Durbar Hall, with its ebony-and-ivory doors, and paintings depicting Kota's history. It is quite noteworthy that there is a presence of plenty architectural structures that too in a single complex. The Garh Palace is also called as the City Palace by many and the lush green gardens bounding this engrossing monument have already made it look even more beautiful than before. Also, there is a museum in the palace’s complex that showcases the royal regalia as well as varied other ammunitions taking you back to the bygone era. 

Seven Wonders Park 
No matter whether you have ever got a chance to explore the ‘Seven Wonders of the World’, you can now see them at a single place. This destination is none other than the Seven Wonders Park situated in Kota. There are the miniatures of these magnificent wonders in this massively expanded park. 
Developed by the Urban Development Department, the fun filled aura of this park is surely a traveller’s delight. This project took the efforts of about 150 workers for its completion, however the results were truly fruitful. Attracting thousands of visitors from all across the world every year, the miniatures of these wonders stand upright on the banks of Kishore Sagar Lake that has already added up to the admirable beauty of this site. You can capture the happy moments with your family and friends in this park with your camera and also have some delicious food at varied eating joints located nearby. 

Garadia Mahadev Temple
Engaging in the immense peace from the nature and simultaneously seeking the blessings of almighty Lord Shiva, people can get it at the worldly renowned Garadia Mahadev Temple. It is Shrine of Kota that is spotted quite closer to the Chambal River. 

Every person is going to enjoy here especially those who are looking forward to have some relaxation while watching a heart stealing view of the pristine water in the Chambal River. The Chambal River accompanied with its picturesque gorge as well as the commendable plains is definitely a sight to behold. In order to have an access to this shrine, there exists a need for the visitor to descend some steps and then finally arrive at the place where he/she can gain the blessings of Lord Shiva. The Garadia Mahadev temple and its beautiful environment are a great fit for those who want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

How to Reach Kota

By Air : Nearest airport, Sanganer, Jaipur, is connected by daily flights to all metros.

By Rail : Kota Junction is well-connected to Delhi by the new Nizamuddin-Udaipur Express, Mumbai August Kranti and Trivandrum Rajdhani superfast trains and to Jaipur by the Jaipur-Kota Fast Passenger and Jaipur-Bombay Central superfast trains.

By Bus : Kota is a comfortable 5-hr drive along NH-12 from Jaipur via Tonk, Devli and Bundi.


There are approximately 1 million people living in Kota.

Climate And Weather

Weather in Kota every year is somewhat a combination of warm as well as chilly climatic conditions. However, such a weather is the most perfect one for the agriculture sector in Kota. During the summertime, the temperature in Kota goes up to 40-45 degrees Celsius whereas the minimum temperature is around 25-30 degrees Celsius. The winter months experience a temperature as low as 9 degrees Celsius however, the days here are pleasant during this season with a temperature around 20- 25 degrees Celsius.

Getting Around Kota

There are a good number of local buses easily accessible on a regular basis for the tourists to travel in and around Kota. 

Taxis, auto rickshaws, tempos and also the cycle rickshaws are quite common for commuting to other regions within Kota 
Also, the travellers can hire a vehicle and even a chauffeur driven car from the rental companies to explore the city with your own comfort.

Where to stay in Kota

Kota has every kind of accommodation in its varied regions that are easily available even by the budgeted travellers. Even the standard hotels are there to enable the visitors have the luxurious hospitality services. There are many luxurious, heritage, resorts, guest houses and high rated hotels in Kota where one can opt to stay without any kind of issues. Amazing room services, tasty breakfast, and the friendly staff you can expect it in hotel of every kind.