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Mount Abu Tourism


About Mount Abu

No one would have ever imagined that the rough, dry and the hot weathered Rajasthan also has a hill station as one of its cities. Yes, that’s true and this heavenly destination is none other than Mount Abu. This fantasy filled place filled up with the Aravalli hills acting as a gateway for those travellers who are seeking for something cool and refreshing. Ride on the spiralling roads of Mount Abu leading to this hill town are no less than a highly sorted enjoyment for the visitors. The true sensation and the picturesque view of the sunset and sunrise would never have been so graceful than it seems while arising from the gigantic Aravalli hills. Its natural beauty has beautifully kept the visitors engrossed in its entangling beauty accompanied with a little bit of royal history and adventure for the backpackers.


The distance between Delhi and Mount Abu has been noted at around 762 kms. The travel time for the same is recorded as 13 hours approximately.

Places to see in Mount Abu

Dilwara Jain Temples
The Dilwara Jain Temples are one of the most famous tourists’ hubs in Mount Abu and they are not solely a spiritual destination. Instead they are actually much more. The marble carving as well as the beautiful architecture showing the historical approach associated with this destination are also an enchanting element for the visitors to focus on. 

There exist many Jain Temples all across India but the most splendid one out of them is the Dilwara temple. In this temple’s premises are the beauteous pillars, gigantic gateways, arches as well as some panels. Any person who is specially intending to seek some blessings from the Jain’s Tirthankaras can ultimately pay a visit to the religious as well as the sensational Dilwara Jain Temple.  The spellbinding interiors, divine aura and peaceful surroundings are going to let you feel wholly positive no matter what. 

Nakki Lake 
The soothing environment lies here! Nothing can beat the peace of mind that a visitor gains while being at The Nakki Lake. Simply sitting on its shores and gazing its movement is truly going to be a delightful experience just in case you are planning to do the same. The Nakki Lake is a sacred lake in Mount Abu that is bounded by the lush green environment, forests and the massive Aravalli hills from all sides adding on to its immortal beauty. 

This shimmering lake is quite beautiful and its purity is always at its height. The rock formations taking place around this lake are the best occurring here and thus, you can also enjoy the same without any dissatisfaction. In order to gain the best experience and view of this lake and the scenes landlocking it, the visitors must come here during the months of monsoon. This artificial lake stands out to be the sole lake to be spotted at an elevation of 1200 km and that too above the sea level.

Toad Rock 
Mount Abu is filled up with many beautiful yet unusual sites that have always gained traveller’s attention. These unusual creations have actually attained the love of millions of visitors and they are continually indulged in the same presently too. One of these is the Toad Rock located in Mount Abu situated quite nearby the Nakki Lake. 

As the name suggests, the Toad Rock is a huge sized rock whose shape resembles a toad. The visitors have always felt speechless on seeing the shape and size of this mountain. This rock is spotted in the middle of the trekking route that is facilitated in the rugged beauty of Mount Abu. Not only this rock is the attraction here, instead you are going to spot many other rocks near it and the most known out of them are the Nandi Rock, Nun Rock and also the Camel Rock. 

Gaumukh Temple
Regarded by Hindus as one of the most sacred places of worship, the Gaumukh Temple is a symbol of their pride. A visit to this place at least once in their life is many Hindu devotees' aspiration. Thus, it is strongly said that some glimpses of the devotional Gaumukh Temple are quite worthy just in case you are present in Mount Abu. 

The name of the place Gaumukh has been derived from a stone carving in the topmost part of the temple, which depicts a cow's (gau) mouth (mukh) releasing a torrential flow of water to a tank. You can enjoy walking excursions and picnics at the Temple and its surrounds. In order to have an access of the topmost section of this temple, one needs to climb 700 steps. This pilgrimage hub is quite renowned for abundant religious pilgrimages as well as the rejuvenating meditation. 

 Sunset Point 
In the latter part of the day, in the midst of a festive ambiance, several people abound this area found in South West of Nakki Lake that offers a beautiful view of the sun going down. The scenic hills, quiet environment, and the charming weather make it a preferred spot among the tourists. 

A mesmerizing view of the commendable and very scenic sunset is going to leave you numb by its eternal beauty. Not only the sunset, but the travellers shall also engross in the heart warming views of the mighty hills showed with a changed colour as the sunrays fall on them. You could pick up curios, engraved marble busts, sandalwood sculptures, wooden toys and other ornaments from the various keepsake retailers crowding the area or try the local cuisine from the many food stalls. The sky filled up with different shades of orange and yellow is surely a treat to the eyes. 

Adhar Devi Temple 
The huge altar of Adhar Devi Temple in Mount Abu is an affirmation of the rich architectonical background of Rajasthan. Located in a cave three kilometres north of the principal community, the Adhar Devi Temple, devoted to Durga who is beheld as the core origin of ability, spirit and vigour, is one of the well-known spiritual themed tourist destinations in the area. 

The temple is arrived at by mounting up 365 steps cut into the mountain and then clambering in a little gap in the cave. Many people also consider it as the Arbuda Devi Temple and despite of this journey being a difficult one, its end results are quite fruitful. It offers an amazing bird-eye view of Mount Abu’s beauty from its topmost area. In order to experience the full vibrancy and the beautiful charm of this temple at its best, you can visit it during the Navratri festival when thousands of pilgrims flock from different regions to seek the blessings. 

Museum and Art Gallery 
The Museum and Art Gallery of the hill station housed in a building called Raj Bhawan, is a must visit for those who love to dig into the past and investigate the background of an area. You can see delicate effigies of Devdasis and the Nartakis here, which are a part of a rich aggregation of rare ancient excavations belonging to 18th century, Jain bronze carvings, handiworks, furniture, old designs, art, ancestral huts, decorations and arms. 

This architectural marvel was established in the year 1962 and the objects from the bygone era that are present here have been existing since 6th century AD. Apart from that, the visitors will also be seeing an image displaying Chakrabahu Shiva holding a Trishul and a khadag while sitting on his sacred vehicle Nandi, the bull. Not only this, the Shiva is bounded by a good number of sculptures of the dancing girls. 

Shri Raghunathji Temple 
Devoted to Lord Vishnu, who personified as Raghunathji to save his believers from the several disasters of life, Shri Raghunathji Temple, found near Nakki Lake, is worthy of a particular referral. The idol of Shri Raghunathji held in the temple is very appealing. The temple, considered to have been built way back in 14th century, enjoys a position of being part of the rich background of the hundred year old Mewar aestheticism.

One of the most divine locations in the world for the Vaishnavites, it is also one of the most visited temples in Mount Abu. This 650 years old temple is situated on Nakki Lake’s shores and compliments the beauty of this lake at its best. In order to see the architectural heritage of Mewar, this temple aptly showcases the same through its carvings, wall paintings and also the inscriptions.

How to Reach Mount Abu

By Air : The closest airport is Udaipur at a distance of 185 km from Mount Abu. However, Ahmadabad at a distance of 221 km has a finer connectivity and everyday flights to other sectors of the country. From both Ahmadabad and Udaipur you can book a Taxi beforehand.

By Rail : Abu Road is the closest railway station just 28 KM from the main city, which is very well linked by rail routes to New Delhi, Ahmadabad, Jaipur, and Mumbai. From Abu Road you can opt for government transport aid or taxis on both sharing and private basis.

By Bus : Mount Abu is well linked by road with major metros of the country; with the closest national freeway no. 14 at a distance of just 24 km from the city.


There are about twenty three thousand people living in Mount Abu.

Climate And Weather

Since Mount Abu is a hill station it experiences not so hot summers but very cool winters. Thus, the temperature here during summers is quite pleasant and this season starts from April and lasts till May with the temperature ranging at around 20-35 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, the temperature during wintertime may drop to 5-10 degrees Celsius. The monsoons here are moderate but it is the best time for seeing the natural lush-green environment at its best!

Getting Around Mount Abu

There are many buses whether deluxe buses, Luxury buses or the local ones facilitated in Mount Abu. 

The travellers can also have an access to taxis and cabs available in Mount Abu. One can hire taxis for travelling around the city and indulge in its sightseeing. 

A good number of trains pass via Abu Road Railway Station and thus, they can be used for travelling towards the neighbouring cities and states too.

The tourists are free to take a car and the chauffeur-driven cars as well on rent from the varied car rental companies present there.

Where to stay in Mount Abu

One cannot expect 4-5 stars properties for accommodation at Mount Abu in a wider number. This is because they are lesser in number and thus, you shall expect only the budgeted properties there making it a perfect accommodation especially for the budgeted travellers. However, for getting the best luxury hotels one can step in to the Jaipur House and Bikaner House. But, the sole thing that every accommodation ensures here is the comfort and satisfaction even in the budgeted ones. Thus, those looking out for luxury can give a try to these accommodations too. Apart from that, the most common stays here are the luxurious resorts letting you have a perfect stay as well as the amazing views from their vicinity.