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Neemrana Tourism


About Neemrana

Ever imagined what would a rustic beauty with a heavenly charm look like? If no, then you can believe such a place really exists! It is none other than Neemrana. Located in Rajasthan’s Alwar District, this region is also commonly known as the Ahirwal region majorly prominent as it being an industrial hub. Also, the destination is a home to a scenic Hill-fort existing since 16th century known as the Neemrana Fort. Despite of it being converted into a heritage property, it still serves as a satisfaction for plenty of travelers. Mentioning especially about the troop of tourists coming from Delhi and Jaipur, nothing can serve as a perfect gateway as the Neemrana does for them! Experience the ultimate peace while having a great time with the rustic beauty of this region, nothing can be best than this.


The distance between Neemrana and Delhi is around 126 kms and the travel time taken for the same is approximately 2.5 hours.

Places to see in Neemrana

Zip Lining
Never thought Rajasthan can also be a place for the adventurists, but it really is! Neemrana is now providing Zip lining, and for the same reason it has become a favorite spot for the adventure junkies. Flying with a speed of 40km per head and experiencing an overview of the city is another kind of happiness. 

Neemrana ziplining covers almost 5 different hills and for being an active participant in the same, you shall have to hike for almost 20-25 min followed by an engrossing instruction session regarding this amazing activity. Ziplining is a perfect way to experience the real beauty of the commendable Neemrana. Mentioning about the five ziplines of Neemrana they would be none other than the Qila slammer, where eagles dare, Pussy Galore, Good by Mr. Bond and The Big B The majestic view of Aravalli hills and birds eye view of Neemrana fort are really worth it.

Neemrana Fort
Built in 15th century, the Neemrana fort is literally a top attraction tucked in Neemrana. This fort was built on one of the oldest Aravalli Hills with a high level of proficiency by Rajput Maharaj Prithviraj Chouhan III.  This massive fort covers an area of almost 10 hectors over the hill. The fort has now been converted into a notable and a splendid heritage hotel providing luxurious hospitality services to abundant travelers.
Blend of typical Rajasthani architecture and modern art, this magnificent fort stands proudly near Jaipur Delhi Highway. It has always served as one of the favorite weekend gateways for travelers of Delhi and Jaipur because of its Rajasthani and French cuisines. Well this doesn’t stop here; you will surely enjoy beautiful sunset and mesmerizing night view from the fort. This heritage hotel has 2 pools around the palace, hanging gardens, ziplining and an ayurvedic spa which makes it your perfect weekend gateway. Apart from this, the palace has also become the best place for marriages and cultural events. 

Some call it as a Baori, Bavri, Baoli or Bawadi while others simply call it a vav. On witnessing it as a whole, no visitor is going to have even a slightest idea on what exactly is he/she going to see and it is because, the way it has been constructed lies as a suspense and it slowly opens up as the visitor climb more steps.

On briefing about what exactly is a Baori, it can be notified that it is a stepwell having a unique structure for the facilitation of water harvesting. It comprises of at around 200 steps and as we go down this massive structure seems to be smaller than expected. Considered as one of the largest and deepest stepwells in India, it is located near Delhi-Jaipur Highway. During the ancient years, there was a construction of thousands of stepwells in India and the Neemrana Baori is one of them.

How to Reach Neemrana

By Air : Delhi Airport is the nearest Airport, 122 km from Neemrana.

By Rail : The major Railway station connecting Neemrana is Delhi.Neemrana is easily accessible by Delhi and other part of the Rajasthan.

By Bus : Neemrana is easily accessible by Delhi and other part of the Rajasthan.


There are around 8000 people living in Neemrana.

Climate And Weather

The climatic conditions in Neemrana are extreme during the summer months which start from March and last till June. The temperature in summertime goes as high as 45 degrees Celsius. Rain showers are experienced by Neemrana during July and they last till September. Mentioning about the winters, they are quite pleasant and also the best time to visit.

Getting Around Neemrana

There are a good number of transportation facilities present in Neemrana. However, your journey would be the best if you travel here in your own vehicle. Apart from that, the accommodation you are staying in shall also give you the transportation amenities for sightseeing here.

Where to stay in Neemrana

Neemrana has a good number of hospitality services facilitators within its regions. Thus, irrespective of the preference that the tourists are carrying along, they are going to get the accommodation as per their needs. The standard hotels, basic ones or the luxurious ones, everything is here.