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Osian Tourism


About Osian

Known as “Khajuraho of Rajasthan”, Osian is a town located in the District of Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Osian is famous for its temples that are mostly belonging to the Brahmanical and Jains background dating back from 8th and 11th century. The Surya temple, The Sachiya Mata temple and the main Jain temple dedicated to Lord Shiva are the most attractive and famous temples among all those prevalent in the beautiful city of Osian. During the Gupta period, Osian was the major trading center. Earlier, some people used to commonly refer it as Uvasisala, Ukesa and Upkesapur-pattana. This city was attacked by Muhammad of Ghor in the year 1195 and during that time, majority of the divine hubs were destroyed. Not only this, but the city also served as the capital of Gurjara Pratihara dynasty.


The distance between Osian and Delhi is approximately 562 kms and the travel time taken to cover up the same is around 10.5 hours.

Places to see in Osian

Most favorite tourist attraction of Osian is the Sachiya Mata Temple as this temple gives an aerial view of the Osian town. It is to be believed that it was built in 1178 AD. This temple is dedicated to wife of Lord Indra. Goddess Sachiya Mata is worshiped by both Hindus and Jains. 

To reach this temple you need to climb 100 steps and after reaching there, one will be amazed by the temple architecture as well as the view of the beautiful Sand dunes of Thar Desert. Temple is decorated by the carved sculptures which are more than enough to provide you some majestic aura. On the Northern side, you can witness the sculpture of Varaha and on the eastern side, there is an image of Laxmi Vishnu. Incorporating the two shrines known as “Chandi ka Mandir” and “Amba ka Mandir”, these are a perfect showcase of the workmen’s skills and antique talent. 

Osian is one of the most serene destinations that a traveler can ever visit. Not only is its whole building a wonderful sight but also its entrance door is considered to be one of the most beautiful ones all over India.  

As Indian’s worship Lord Sun, this temple of Osian is dedicated to him. Apart from Lord Sun there are idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Durga Mata. Constructed in 10th century, this temple has an open mandapa used for the purposes of marriages and other performing some relatable rituals. This temple is a resemblance of Sun temple of Ranakpur. On the ceiling you will find images of serpents around lotuses. The best place for experiencing peace while exploring the fascinating Indian architecture, is the most perfect experience that you can gain while being here. 

A perfect place for the divinity seekers, nothing can beat the peaceful surroundings that lie around the Mahavira Temple. This Jain temple was built in honor of 24th Jain Tirthankara, Lord Mahavira during the 8th century which is also prominent as the Saka period. 

It has a very beautiful and a gigantic statue of Lord Mahavira that is present in a Padmasana posture. Made up of sandstone, there is an existence of around 8-9 small shrines surrounding the main Sanctum. Walls of these shrines are covered with beautifully carved statues and while being here, you can also have a glance at the varied paintings explaining the life of Lord Mahavira through some depictions of his life instances in the inner courtyard of the temple. You will find extremely peaceful environment here. This place is only few meters away from Sachiya Mata Temple.

How to Reach Osian

By Air : Jodhpur Airport is the nearest Airport.

By Rail : Nearest Railway station is Jodhpur.

By Bus : There are buses from Jodhpur and roads are also well maintained.


There are approximately 15000 people living in Osian.

Climate And Weather

The weather conditions in Osian are quite extreme during summers, however the winters here are pleasant and relatively cooler. Summers are unbearably hot and thus, not at all a suitable time to visit Osian due to the average temperature being around 36-42 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, wintertime experiences a temperature of around 5-10 degrees Celsius at night and at around 25 degrees Celsius during daytime.

Getting Around Osian

Osian experiences an easy availability of the local transportation enabling the tourists have a flexibility in exploring Osian at its best. Apart from that, travelling here in your vehicle is surely going to be a hit with no hassle. Also, you can get some transportation arranged by the accommodation faculty you are staying in.

Where to stay in Osian

There are abundant accommodation facilities in Osian and thus, you are going to get a wide variety to choose from. Whether you are expecting a 1 star property, a standard one or a luxurious 5 stars property, you can get a facility of the same very easily in Osian and that too at effective rates.