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Pokhran Tourism


About Pokhran

People count Pokhran amongst the highly favoured and the most splendid heritage cities in Rajasthan. Tucked in the Thar Desert right in the district of the beautiful Jaisalmer district, Pokhran has always left its visitors speechless with a huge amalgamation of attractions that it has kept ready for its tourists. With its name meaning ‘place of five mirages’, this place has already justified its name and it is because this destination is bordered by the five huge salt rocks from all sides. This site was unknown since some years, however as soon as India’s first nuclear tests were being undertaken here it came into the limelight and people started recognizing it. It was ultimately during the year 1974, when the first nuclear test in India was done at Pokhran dated 18th May. The gigantic havelis and the monuments constructed with intrinsic working done on them, you are totally going to fall in love with this place.


Distance between Delhi and Pokhran is around 721 kms and the travel time for the same is approximately 11.5 hours.

Places to see in Pokhran

The fort Pokaran is the most charming site present in the attractive city of Pokhran. This massive monument is also known as Balagarh during the years of 14th century. Standing upright in the middle of the majorly known Thar Desert. 

The location of this fort is accompanied with a rich history and this is because, it is settled on a route that is way too older and has been acting as a trade route for the exporting of spices, silk as well as salt to Persia and also other countries. This property belongs to the erstwhile chief of the Rathore Clan in Champawat. Carrying a glorious past and a huge tourists’ favour, this fort has always been able to secure a special place in the hearts of its travellers. Inside it are the beautiful red sandstone palaces along with the grand towers.

How to Reach Pokhran

By Air : Nearest airport is Jodhpur.

By Rail : Nearest station is Jaisalmer Station which is well-connected to Delhi by the Delhi-Jaisalmer Express, which starts from Old Delhi Railway Station.

By Bus : Pokaran lies on the highway that links Jodhpur to Jaisalmer. It's 110 km east of Jaisalmer and 117 km north of Jodhpur.


There are around 30,000 people living in Pokhran.

Climate And Weather

The city of Pokhran is accompanied with a desert climate and majorly there is very less or no rainfall during the whole year with an average rainfall of 180 mm. October is considered to be the driest month, the warmest one is June and the coolest one is January. The summertime here is very hot and thus, the temperature goes too high reaching till 40-45 degrees Celsius. But, the nights are pleasant. Also, during the wintertime days are moderate but nights are quite chilly.

Getting Around Pokhran

There are no local transportation facilities available in Pokhran, thus a traveller shall have to explore the city in his/her own vehicle. Also, they can get a vehicle facilitated by the faculty of the accommodation they are staying in. Apart from that, ‘Rajasthan Trip’ shall also get the same done for you with no hassle.

Where to stay in Pokhran

Pokhran is a city that is filled up with a huge number of accommodation options. Whether you are a budgeted traveller or seeking to stay in a luxurious property, you can get every kind here. Also, there are a good number of hostels present in Pokhran especially meant for the backpackers at a highly cheaper rate.