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Ranakpur Tourism


About Ranakpur

When you see Ranakpur from a distance, it appears as an expanse of greenery, with hills weaving in and out of one another. Far below in the valley, amidst ll this green, stands a gleaming white jewel, radiant in the wilderness. The radiance is the work of the marble-carvers who made Adinath glow with spiritual bliss. They have mad eth white marble come to life, speak, and tell beautiful stories – the legend of Lord Rishabhdeva, who meditated under a Rayan tree and left his footprint here; the account of Dharna Shah, the minister of Rana Kumbha, and his vision of a celestial vehicle as a temple to the lord; the tale of Depa, considered to be an architect who along with his team of artists gave an ultimate life to the prevalent stones. Not to forget Rana Kumbha, who gave land for the temple and his name to this place, Ranakpur!


The distance between Ranakpur and Delhi is noted at around 627 kms and the total travel time to cover this distance is approximately 11 hours.

Places to see in Ranakpur

Ranakpur Jain Temple 
The wooded valley of the Aravalli Hills has something great to offer for the divinity seekers and that is none other than the 15th century Ranakpur temple complex, normally considered as the Adinath Temple. The grand scale and sheer architectural complexity of the white marble temple distinguish it as perhaps the single most impressive example of Western Indian temple architecture. 

Each of the temple's 1,444 pillars is carved with different patterns of floral motifs, and the play of light and shadow on the pillars, as the sun moves from east to west each day, is one of the glories of this monument. Equally stunning is the superb filigree carving on the concentric ceiling pendants, and the exuberant grace of the goddesses who form the support brackets. On one of the columns facing the sanctum, a carved panel with two figures on it depicts Dharna Shah, the builder of the temple, who was a minister of the Maharana of Mewar, and his architect, Depa.

How to Reach Ranakpur

By Air : Udaipur is the closest airport. It's approximately 3 hrs long journey from the airport.

By Rail : Udaipur is the closest railway station.

By Bus : The road from Udaipur through Iswal, Gogunda and Saira is usually well-maintained.


There are around 3000 people living in Ranakpur.

Climate And Weather

Climatic conditions in Ranakpur are not at all similar to other parts of Rajasthan. This is because, it experiences tropical type of climate throughout the year. The summertime here is quite hot and thus, the temperature remains at around 40-45 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, the weather conditions during the wintertime are colder than the normal climate with the temperature during this time being between 10-20 degrees Celsius. The monsoons here make the city look even more beautiful, however the city does not receive much rainfall and just around 55 cm.

Getting Around Ranakpur

In order to explore Ranakpur, one needs to cover the distances by walk. This is because, there are no transportation facilities available there for the purpose of journeying within the city. However, public transportation is available for connecting Ranakpur with other cities.

Where to stay in Ranakpur

Despite of being a small city, there are many accommodation options available for the tourists here. The range starts well from the budgeted ones till the four star heritage properties. Thus, travellers can choose from the wide choices as per their preferences and budget.