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Rohet Tourism


About Rohet

The most sought-after destination not only in India but also all across the world, Rajasthan has always been able to gain a very special place in the heart of every travellers. This is because of its vey unique destinations whether small or big that have always tried to showcase the rich cultural history of this place. One amongst such places is none other than the unspoilt as well as lesser crowded Rohet. Touring to Rohet is the best excursion tour that a roamer can undertake from Jodhpur. This beautiful rural habitat is spotted at a not so far distance of around 40 kms from the massive city of Jodhpur. Travellers are always interested in exploring the majorly famous historical attraction tucked in this place, known as the Rohetgarh Fort. This place is known to have been existing since the very ancient 16th century and as called by many people, it is also named as the ‘Evergreen Oasis in the Desert’.


Distance between Rohet and Delhi is at around 602 kms and the travel time taken to cover this distance would be approximately 10.5 hours.

Places to see in Rohet

Rohetgarh Fort 
Taking you back to the old-world charm in Rajasthan is the very beautiful as well as highly historic Rohetgarh Fort. Never ever leaving even a single chance of amusing the visitors with its highly positive aura, Rohetgarh Fort has always stood upright with the utmost pride as it goes on impressing the tourists since forever. 

The fort’s establishment was done by Thakur Dalpat Singh who was known to be belonging to the Rajput clan during the years of 16th century. Due to its history being associated with the ancient wars, the travellers can now too witness the battle scars right on the walls of this monument along with some cannon ball marks too. On seeing such a huge love and support from the viewers, a part of the Rohetgarh Fort is now serving as a heritage hotel for all those tourists who are striving to get the best of luxurious life here.

How to Reach Rohet

By Air : Rohet is just 40 kms away from Jodhpur, the nearest city which connects it with other cities by air

By Rail : The nearest railhead to Rohet is Jodhpur, trains from different parts of the state and major cities run from here.

By Bus : A well connected network of roads makes Rohet accessible from Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, etc.


There are around 83,000 people living in Rohet.

Climate And Weather

There is an existence of extreme climatic conditions in Rohet and so, there are always higher amount of temperature variations here. Majority of the year, the temperature is witnessed as a drier one here. The summer days here are way too hot with an average temperature of around 35-42 degrees Celsius whereas the winter days here are pleasant with a temperature ranging somewhere in between 15-25 degrees Celsius.

Getting Around Rohet

The travellers shall not witness any local transportation facility for travelling within this city. Thus, it is recommended that they must ensure their journey here in their own vehicle. 

Where to stay in Rohet

Rohet is not having any kind of accommodation facilities for its travellers. The sole preferable property that it incorporates for this purpose is the Rohetgarh Fort. Irrespective of the kind of traveller you are, the services and the kind of hospitality that this heritage property is going to give is surely a satisfactory one.