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10 Thinks to Know About Jaipur Ghoomar Mahotsav

A Little More About the Jaipur Ghoomar Mahotsav

This is the second year of the Ghoomar Festival and this time the security is tightened in the Rajasthan Campus than in 2016 to keep the lawbreakers away from the ghoomar festival. As the students are overjoyed about the elections this time the festival is likely to witness the more youthful spirit and passion in the festival. All visitors and participants visiting the festival must go through a tight security check while entering the University of Rajasthan and there would also be metal detectors as the security is much tightened this year. Tickets for the Jaipur ghoomar Mahotsav- the biggest fusion of music, dance, and other cultural activities can be booked online.

Event information on the biggest fusion of dance, music, and cultural festival

Inaugurated at the Rajasthan university the festival is divided into different parts and events to engage and entertain the crowd. And everyone can participate in the events.


Group Ghoomar dance

There will be a ghoomar dance which is a very famous traditional dance of Rajasthan and is performed by certain members in a group form with the traditional attires of Rajasthan. There should be proper coordination between the members and the steps should be well synchronized and the choice of the song should have more beats.

Dance with Bollywood Celebrity

To lighten up the atmosphere there will be a festival celebration with a known personality from Bollywood. And also the very famous DJ Shilpi would be there to engage the youthful visitors and also all the participants.


Firework Show

The beautiful scenic fireworks would draw all the attention of the audience with their beautiful and colorful presence in the skies and make it look more appealing to the eyes of the audience who are watching and enjoying it to their level best. This mesmerizing firework will be the icing sugar on the cake.

Dance and Music

To make the Jaipur ghoomar festival more exciting there is also an arrangement of dance and, music so that everyone could enjoy and make this event more memorable as well as successful for themselves all over the world.


Cultural Music Show

Anyone can be mesmerized by the wonderful rhythm and lyrics of Rajasthani folk music. Rajasthani folk music is derived from the emotions, narratives, and daily activities of the Rajasthani people. Due to its melody, the music holds listeners' attention throughout. Rajasthani music also incorporates a variety of other activities, such as dancing and song-based storytelling.

The Famous Kathputli Show of  Rajasthan

The most well-known type of Indian puppetry is kathputli, a string puppet theatre that originated in Rajasthan, India. A single string that extends from the top of the puppet over the puppeteers controls it. Putli is a doll, and Kath is wood. Kathputli is the Hindi word for a wooden puppet. It is currently slightly altered and constructed from wood, cotton fabric, and metal wire.

Dedicated Food Zones

There are many different types of Rajasthani cuisine, with regional variations between the dry desert regions and the lush eastern regions. Dal-Baati-Churma is the most well-known dish. It consists of a small piece of bread stuffed with clarified butter that has been cooked over hot coals and is served with Ker-Sangri, a dry, flaky confection made from gram flour, and a desert fruit. And also popular foods of other states as well.


Kids enjoy going to different kids' zones in Delhi that are crammed with games and adventure activities and are always excited about going on outings. KidZania is a professionally designed kid zone in Delhi that is a must-visit if you live in Delhi or will be traveling there soon with your kids. It was created by child psychologists and play experts to offer the kids a variety of educational activities in the most fascinating and entertaining way possible.


Shopping Stalls

Rajasthan is known for Kundan jewellery and for footwear. There will be many shopping stalls of various famous Rajasthani culture thongs the visitors can buy. It is also known for its jewelry. In addition to this, additional magnificent jewelry that can be purchased in Rajasthan includes headgear, necklaces, cuffs, and anklets.

Better yet, why not actually visit the Jaipur Ghoomar festival after a long Gap of 7 years? It is not too late to book your tickets and enjoy the festival to the fullest with your family, friends, and loved ones. There are many participants who are going to participate in the following events from different states of the country. And also there are 16 plus colleges from Nepal who are going to perform in the festival by representing their culture for the very first time. Another exciting feature is you can dress up according to the theme and can also win prizes for the same. So go and book your tickets and grab all the fun and make memories. For more details, you can contact or email us!

See you at the festival!